Heks Studio based in London, is a collaboration between filmmaker & photographer Annick Wolfers and stylist Lucy Mackay with the aim to pool their wealth of knowledge & experience under one roof.

Annick is originally from Luxembourg and studied fine art first in Strasbourg, France and then at St Martins in London. She has worked as a photographer and filmmaker for many years and also has her own production company.

Lucy is from the highlands of Scotland and kicked off her career in fashion buying, picking up over 15 years experience before moving into the styling world.

With a shared vision and sensibility, Heks Studio can offer a streamlined and effortless process for their clients.

If you would like to find out more about how we can work with you to develop your brand please get in touch 

Clients: V&A, Apolina, Bebe Organic, Claude & co, Faune, Toastie. Lali Kids, Ruddock

Publications: Milk Magazine, Lula Japan, The F-word